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Welcome to Straeon, where we elevate actors into extraordinary storytellers through the art of Scene Study. Consider us your acting gym and our coaches your personal trainers, guiding you through the transformative process of honing your craft. At Straeon, we've created an environment that mirrors the professional movie set, ensuring your growth as an actor aligns seamlessly with the demands of your evolving career.


Our classes are more than just your usual acting classes; they're an immersive experience tailored to your needs. We've cultivated an exceptional network of international actors, writers, and directors actively engaged in creating their own work, offering you unparalleled opportunities to connect and collaborate within a thriving global community of like-minded artists.


Embark on this journey with Straeon – where passion meets practice and aspiring actors become masterful storytellers. We'd be honoured to participate in your transformative path to success!

I highly recommend Straeon to actors of every level- whether you’ve been in the industry for 20 years or you found a new passion later in life- straeon treats every artist equally all while honing in on individual needs. It’s rare you enter an acting class where there is zero ego (and that goes for both teachers and students!) it was so refreshing to be in such a supportive and inclusive environment while still maintaining a professional and serious atmosphere. The coaches always find something you’ve missed, a detail that got lost or a layer to be added. Proof that there is always something that we, as actors, can delve a bit further into.

Brittany Drisdelle

Credits: Jack Ryan, The Good Doctor, Transplant, The Bold Type & more.

What We Offer

Online Scene Study Program



In this exhilarating online scene study program, you'll embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and artistic growth, refining your craft and expanding your acting horizons. Our team of expert coaches will lead you through dynamic scene study sessions that will push you beyond your perceived limits.


What Sets Us Apart:

Tailored Coaching: We understand that every actor's path is unique. Our experienced coaches take the time to understand your individual needs and aspirations, tailoring their guidance to help you overcome obstacles and harness your strengths.


Scene Selection: 

We carefully handpick scenes that will stretch your acting range, encouraging you to explore diverse characters, emotions, and genres. Our curated repertoire challenges you to step outside your comfort zone and discover new layers of depth in your performances. Our coaches assign you a new scene and scene partner every two weeks. In the first week, we dive into a preliminary take on the set, aiming to enhance the quality of your initial work. The goal is to minimize the need for multiple takes to warm up. Our coaches provide you with valuable directions, notes, and ideas for improvement, which you can work on at home.


The second week brings a second round of work on the same scene. This time, we emulate the set environment, conducting several takes and focusing on specific aspects of the scene.


Work Environment Simulation: 

At Straeon, we prepare you for the real-world challenges of the industry. Our online scene study program replicates the dynamic energy and pressure of a professional work environment. You'll experience the thrill of performing in front of your peers, receiving invaluable feedback, and refining your craft in a supportive setting.


Comprehensive Approach: 

Acting is an art that encompasses body, voice and soul. Our online program empowers you to explore and expand your physicality, vocal range, and expressive capabilities. Through role exploration, you'll fully embody the characters you portray, captivating audiences with authentic performances.


Want to watch a class for free before joining? Book a free auditing session!

Experience Level

Welcoming students of all levels, our classes closely replicate then professional work environment. On Set, collaboration spans actors of various experience levels, emphasizing the importance of adaptability. To foster rapid growth, our classes maintain a balanced ration, ensuring a mix of seasoned actors and newcomers. This deliberate approach creates an encircling and dynamic learning atmosphere.


Auditing Program

Whether you're a writer, director, or simply intrigued by the actor's craft, our auditing program is tailored for you. Join our Q&A sessions, observe compelling scenes, and gain exclusive access to our coaches. A word of caution: auditors often find themselves irresistibly drawn to delve into scene work. Should you feel this pull, rest assured, you'll receive priority access to our coveted spots.

2024 sessions



MAY 15 - 29

JUNE 5 - 26

JULY 10 -31

Fall Session:


When & where 

Wednesday Evening

6 PM to 9 PM





Auditor Program:



Beginners to Professionals


Curious about Straeon? Schedule a complimentary session to witness our classes firsthand and engage in insightful conversations with our coaches.

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