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About The Course


    At Straeon, we focus on the practice of Scene Study, but we also offer an array of technique workshops. The only way to become an extraordinary storyteller is to practice every day. Think of Straeon as a gym for actors and the coaches as your personal trainers.  


We keep our classes as close to the work environment as we possibly can. Our coaching is tailored to your needs to ensure you keep growing as an actor throughout your career. We also have an incredible network of actors, writers, and directors who are proactive at creating their own work.

This winter will exercise your acting muscles in-depth. We'll expand your character range, explore different genres, play with the different acts in the story, explore the axis of the scene, character relationships and  dynamics. All of that will be done through scene work and personalized coaching. 

Come to one of our classes for free! Sit with the coaches for a friendly chat, and get a first-hand experience of what Straeon is all about!

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Why Co-Coached?

All our classes are co-coached. We've been working together for 15 years, and our co-coaching approach came from our experience co-directing movies and plays. When you have an unbalanced scene and only one coach, the coach usually focuses on one actor to fix the scene, leaving the other on the sidelines. That doesn't happen in a co-coached environment. We focus on both actors, and you get the same amount of coaching. The other benefit of co-coaching is getting different perspectives. The co-coaching method has opened our clients' eyes to how many possibilities a scene can have. As a result, they feel more confident to explore outside the box rather than trying to "get the scene done the right way." We want our clients to take risks knowing that there's not just one way of playing the scene. It also keeps quite fun for us, the coaches!

Watch one of our classes for free and see if we're a good fit!

About My Course



When: MARCH 29 to JUNE 14

Fee: $358  / month or a one-time payment of $1026.


We offer two groups:

Group I: 1 PM to 4:30 PM.

Group II: 5 PM to 9:30PM.

Max of 14 students / Group I

Max of 20 students / group II.

Class starts with Q&As and exercises.


Scenes and scene partners are assigned by the coaches. 


Actors are responsible for props, costumes, and initial scene set-up.


All levels are welcome! That's going to be your experience on a real set, so you must learn to work with everyone.


Have some more questions? It's important to us that you get all your questions answered. You can reach us here


We're looking forward to being a part of your journey to becoming an extraordinary storyteller.

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