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Share your passion, share stories.

Weekend Intensives 

We combinate technique and practice for a complete acting workout. Roxanne Morse will prepare your instrument through breath exercises, vocal and body warm-ups, cold read with breath process, and audition practice. While Jock will put it all to work through our scene study approach. 


Our Scene Study class is all about preparing you for the real deal! We keep classes as close to the work environment as we possibly can, and our coaching is tailored to your needs to ensure you keep growing as an actor throughout your career. There's only one way to become an extraordinary storyteller, and that involves practice, lots of it! Think of Straeon as a gym for actors, and the coaches as your personal trainers! We'll guide you through your unique journey as an actor. We'll protect what's already working for you, and we'll strengthen what needs work. We're about helping you find your own method. We don't waste your time with stuff you don't need. Each one of you has something unique to offer and it's important that you share it with the world. We'd be honored if you let us be a part of your journey!

Come to one of our classes for free! Sit with the coaches for a friendly chat, and get a first-hand experience of what Straeon is all about!

We're located at Model Club, 132 Boylston St., Suite 2, Boston, MA  02116  USA




We offer intensive workshops in Boston once a month:

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For fees, availability, or any other questions, please contact Roxanne Morse here.

* All levels are welcome.

* You can book a free class here.