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Tailored Acting Coaching At Your Fingertips

Straeon Acting Studios is an acting school specialized in tailored coaching. Our coaches will help you to find the best techniques and methodologies to fit your needs. We work with actors from all over the world, at all different levels of experience. We'd be honoured to be a part of your journey!

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Acting For Film & Television


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Meet Our Coaches

About Us

Learn To Push The Boundaries Of Your Creativity In A Safe And Challenging Environment

Our Courses

Your Journey To Become An Extraordinary Actor Begins Here, Today






Expert Coaches

Isabel and Jock have over forty years of experience acting, directing, and coaching combined. They've coached actors worldwide and have held classes and workshops in five different countries. Their unique methodology and technique are developed through their work in class and their experience acting and directing on stage and on the set.

Our Course Benefits


Community of Storytellers

Straeon Acting Studios offers you the opportunity to be a part of a powerful network of actors, directors, writers, and producers committed to telling stories that touch people's hearts.


Personalized Training

Our coaching is tailored to your needs to ensure you keep growing as an actor throughout your career. We strengthen what needs to be improved and protect what's already strong for you.


There are only two things that make an acting class worthwhile; the quality of the coaches and the dedication of your fellow participants. I've been in Straeon for over 3 years because I give it 5 stars on both fronts. It is a pleasure to go to class every week, knowing that I will work with actors who are willing to do what it takes to improve, in front of coaches who know what it takes to helps us improve. And the improvement is paying off. I'm not the same actor on set and I'm on a lot more sets!

James Murray

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