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Stage Combat

Share your passion, share stories.

Meet Shawn

Shawn Baichoo has been acting and stunt fighting for over 20 years. After completing the Dawson Professional Theatre program in 1997, he studied with Fight Director’s Canada and got his Actor/Combatant – Gold Level certification (1997-2000). He also has a black belt in Shotokan karate and has studied various other martial arts. He has produced and choreographed a few action shorts (Mountain Kombat and The Punisher: No Mercy), as well as worked as a fight choreographer for Eidos’ Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. He’s done stunt performance work for both Eidos and Ubisoft on a multitude of games, plus some recent film work (Mother!). Shawn has taught stage combat in numerous workshops and schools, as well as choreographing and acting in scenes of violence or conflict for a number of theatre shows (True Faith, Dracula, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, Genesis or the Art of Writing).

Intro to stage combat

Level I

Our Intro to Stage Combat is about teaching you the necessary skills to create a safe and convincing illusion of conflict. Whether it's for stage, film, or just for the fun of learning a unique set of abilities, Stage Combat has something to offer men and women, actors and non-actors alike. This course will focus on getting the performers comfortable with the concept of staged violence through theory and practice. By the end of the course, the students will be able to perform a short, convincing scene of violence or conflict in safety, and with confidence.

Techniques covered:

Stage Combat Theory and Terminology.

Work Ethic

Foot stomp

Hold, Grab, Hair Pulls



Punching (Jab, Straight, Cross, Hook, Uppercut)


Next Workshops:

September 14-15 from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM.

Fee: $300.00 Taxes Inc.  


Early Bird: $280.00 (By August 30).


Have some more questions? It's important to us that you get all your questions answered. You can reach us here.

* No pre-requisites. Non-actors also welcome!

Stage combat

Level II

We pick up where Intro to Stage Combat leaves off, with defensive techniques. This rounds off the teachings from Introduction to Stage Combat, allowing the students to perform a complete, original fight, with both participants creating the illusion of striking, defending, and 'getting injured' in complete safety. We'll also introduce weapon handling with knife work. Finally, we'll work on learning and performing multiple choreographies.

Techniques covered:

Techniques covered:
Blocking, evading, ducking, slipping.
Leg strikes (kicking, knees).
Knife work (knife handling, stabbing, cutting).
Lots of choreography practice, which will encompass all previously learned techniques.

Next Workshops:

Coming Soon.

Fee: $320.00 Taxes Inc.  


Early Bird: $280.00 (by Monday, July 22).


Have some more questions? It's important to us that you get all your questions answered. You can reach us here.

* Pre-requisite: LEVEL I, Intro to Stage Combat. Non-actors also welcome!

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