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    At Straeon, we focus on the practice of Scene Study, but we also offer an array of technique workshops. The only way to become an extraordinary storyteller is to practice every day. Think of Straeon as a gym for actors and the coaches as your personal trainers.  


We keep our classes as close to the work environment as we possibly can. Our coaching is tailored to your needs to ensure you keep growing as an actor throughout your career. We also have an incredible network of actors, writers, and directors who are proactive at creating their own work.

Your journey at Straeon won't always be easy. We'll challenge you, we'll push you out of your comfort zone and we'll test the boundaries, but we promise you, it'll all be done in a safe, respectful, and trusting environment.

Come to one of our classes for free! Sit with the coaches for a friendly chat, and get a first-hand experience of what Straeon is all about!

The Process

We like to call it your process! Technique workshops are very important, but each actor is unique, and no technique fits all. We guide you into mastery through your process. We'll take you to that point beyond technique in which you let the story play through your instrument (your body, voice, mind, and soul). It's not an easy process, but it becomes simple. We believe you were born with everything it takes!

Check our video for more information or book a free class to experience the process in person!

 Montreal Acting Studio

weekly classes and workshops

Our Head Office studio, we're located in the charming borough of Saint-Henri at the Wireworks Lofts. Our clients have access to our beautiful 2500 sqft studio for rehearsals and projects.


Book a free class! We'd like to get to know you.

**All levels welcome!**


We're open MON-FRI from 9:00 AM–4:00 PM. Check our page for class schedule.

Toronto Acting Studio

 weekly classes

In-Studio Classes are temporarily closed.

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