Third Episode: Why acting matters and why it's important that you share what you do? PART III

We've come to the end of the Why Acting Matters series, and we hope you're ready to share what you got with the world. There's someone out there waiting for you to take them on a journey. The perfect moment is now! There's never been a better time to be a storyteller. You have a camera in your pocket and millions of viewers a click away from your fingertips! Embrace your power as a storyteller and let the story play through you. 

Courage, Trust and Humility

We are in awe of you, my fellow storytellers! An actor's job goes way beyond memorizing lines on a page. You lend us your instrument; body, voice, mind, and soul, and let the story play through you. You give your heart to the character, and you dare to go on the most beautiful and horrific journeys so we can experience the story through you. There's no work more capable of touching people's hearts. You bring us hope, change, and the opportunity to elevate our dreams, and because of that, we're in awe of you!

Got an acting question on technique, exercises, warm-ups, business, anything?!

Let us know here! We'd be glad to share.

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