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Sixth Episode: Acting and the Character's Journey. Part III: Where Stories Live.

We're closing the series on plot vs. stories, and with our sixth episode, we'll leave plot aside and focus a little bit deeper on stories.

Stories are about 'how the human heart changes.' We can't write stories; we can write a map to a story. Without you and your imagination, the story doesn't exist because the story is something you experience. And so, stories will be slightly different depending on how you feel the journey the characters go on, while the plot remains the same.

As an actor, you'll find the story by acting, by doing the scene. You must dare to be in your character's reality with your heart wide open and connected to that other human heart in front of you. That's when stories show up.

As actors, you must dare to dream; you must let go. That's the final jump into intuitive mastery, and creativity. An actor must be brave enough not to predict, and to let go of control. Anyone can read lines and chase emotions, but only extraordinary actors let the story play through them. You got all it takes! Will you let go?

Got an acting question on technique, exercises, warm-ups, business, anything?!

Let us know here! We'd be glad to share.

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