Seventh Episode: Pipedreams.

Remember when you did your first play, movie, or scene; that fire and excitement you felt because you had finally found your calling? Remember that fantastic dream you had of becoming an extraordinary storyteller? Do you feel like that fire is just a few embers and slowly dying away? If I were to ask you when was the last time you acted in something, would it take you a while to remember the commercial you did nine months ago, or the fringe festival you were in last summer?

Maybe you tell yourself the industry isn't what it use to be, your agent just doesn't getting you out there for anything, or the casting directors in this city don't want anything to do with you. It is easy to place the responsibility on someone else, but this is YOUR dream, and it's about time you be the boss and make it happen!

Live the dream! Work on your craft every day. Those little actions you take today will pay off in the future. You have to put the work in!

We hope this vlog will inspire you to get off your butt, and get you doing the thing you love most - telling stories!

Got an acting question on technique, exercises, warm-ups, business, anything?!

Let us know here! We'd be glad to share.

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