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Second Episode: Why acting matters and why it's important that you share what you do? PART II

Storytellers have been around for a very long time. Before a big hunt, we would sit around the fire and draw animals on the walls of a dark cave. Then, we would act the hunt the way we imagined it in our collective minds. This was a way to trap the souls of the animals we wanted to hunt, and perhaps, to give strength and courage to those who were going to be facing death for the survival of the tribe. Storytellers have been spreading knowledge, hope, security, comfort, and wisdom through the stories they tell, and ensuring that we connect with each other on a deeper level.


Your journey has never been done before. Your path as a storyteller is yours to discover. It takes an incredible leap of faith to follow your bliss and stop trying to find the perfect formula to success. When we follow our unique path, we are creating something new. There may be roadblocks, failure, and frustration involved in the process. But there's also freedom, and the opportunity to leave your mark by sharing 'you' with the world.

Got an acting question on technique, exercises, warm-ups, business, anything?!

Let us know here! We'd be glad to share.

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