First Episode: Why acting matters and why it's important that you share what you do? PART I

Storytelling has been essential for the advancement of our species since the beginning of times. Everything is based on stories, including political, financial and judicial systems, belief systems, culture, thought processes, etc. Pretty much anything that isn't nature-given has its foundation on stories.

We've been telling stories since our humble beginnings. We're born storytellers! We believe you not only have everything you need to tell stories - right now - but that it's crucial that you share it with the world!

Why you matter and why it's important that you share what you do with the world? Part I.

We coach hundreds of actors every year. Sometimes, we coach the same scenes with a different combination of actors, and we're always surprised by how different a scene can be depending on who is telling the story. That's why we believe every actor has something unique to give. Nobody can tell stories the way you do, and there will never be someone who will.

Got an acting question on technique, exercises, warm-ups, business, anything?!

Let us know here! We'd be glad to share.

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