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Fifth Episode: Acting and the Character's Journey. Part II: The Hero's Quest.

All stories are about a hero on a quest. Characters might be aware of that quest or not, looking for it or trying to escape it. Regardless, heroes go on a quest whenever something is missing. The hero changes in the course of that journey, and hopefully, learns by experience the lesson of the story.

These changes are not just from the perspective of the plot and the obvious changes that happen in the film. These changes occur deep in the essence of the human being. In other words, the hero who starts the quest isn't the same human being at the end; how the human heart changes is the story. And that is the journey that every actor has to have the courage to take.

Remember, every character you play is a hero on a quest. No matter how large or small the part is. Even with a character who only has one or two scenes, it's your job as an actor to experience that human being’s heroic quest. And you live this journey in your body, voice, heart, mind, and spirt with every character you have the honor to play.

Got an acting question on technique, exercises, warm-ups, business, anything?!

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