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Online Acting Program
Personalized Live Coaching 
New Group 
Co-Coached by:
Isabel Lehoux & Jock MacDonald

Learn how to work with the camera - live!

Welcome to the new world of online acting! At Straeon, we're always adapting the way we coach classes to better serve you by keeping up with the demands of the real work environment. We spent the past five months experimenting on how to guide our actors through the online acting world.  

In 2020, the actor who will come out ahead is the one who is preparing and adapting to our new reality - Online Acting!

The online classes focus on scene study and live camera work. The major problem we've encountered when watching live callbacks, self-tapes, and online gigs is that the actor is only showcasing their acting skills but fails to connect with their scene partners. Most importantly, they're failing to tell the story. At Straeon's online classes, you'll learn how to connect with your scene partner through the camera, how to set up the camera properly so that image supports story, and you'll also be exploring a varied character range so that you become unstoppable!

We keep our classes as close to the work environment as we possibly can. Our coaching is tailored to your needs to ensure you keep growing as an actor throughout your career. We also have an incredible network of actors, writers, and directors who are proactive at creating their own work, and you will be a part of this community.

Your journey at Straeon won't always be easy. We'll challenge you, we'll push you out of your comfort zone, and we'll test the boundaries, but we promise you it'll all be done in a safe, respectful, and trusting environment.

why co-coached?

 two coaches

 double feedback

 double growth

All our classes are co-coached. We've been working together for 15 years, and our co-coaching approach came from our experience co-directing movies and plays. What we noticed early on was that when you have an unbalanced scene and only one coach, the coach usually tends to focus on one actor in order to fix the scene, leaving the other one on the sidelines. That doesn't happen in a co-coached environment. We focus on both actors, and you get the same amount of coaching. The other benefit of co-coaching is getting different perspectives. The co-coaching method has opened our clients' eyes to how many possibilities a scene can have. As a result, they feel more confident to explore outside the box rather than trying to "get the scene done the right way". We want our clients to be able to take risks knowing that there's not just one way of playing the scene. It also keeps quite fun for us, the coaches!

If you want to come by one of our classes for free and see it all for yourself, book a free class now! We'd love to have you over and sit down for a chat so we can learn what you're looking for, and hopefully, guide you through your journey as an actor!

- Isabel and Jock.

How we roll!

Class length: 3 months. We meet once a week - live on Zoom. 


We have two different groups: 


GROUP I:  Advanced / Wed 6-10 pm / April 7 - June 29.

GROUP II: All Levels / Thur 6-10 pm / April 8 - July 1.

Our classes are tailored to your needs, much like a sports coach or personal trainer, so you can continue to sign up for our classes indefinitely

International students are welcome! Our classes run in English, but accent is not the focus in our classes, so don't worry about it. As long as we can understand you, it will be fine.

Max of 14 students / group.

Not sure if this class is for you? Come and watch one of our classes for free!​ Click here to reserve your spot.


more info:


- Every class will have Q&As and discussion time.

- Scenes and scene partners are assigned by the coaches. 

- Actors are responsible for props and costumes, as well as the initial camera set up.

* All levels are welcome on Group II. That's going to be your experience on a real set, and you must learn to work with everyone.

*  Fee: $228  / month or a one-time payment of $665.00.

Have some more questions? It's important to us that you get all your questions answered. You can reach us here

You were born ready for this!


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